Case No. 10195/08
Judgment date: 28 March 2013

The case was brought by seven applicants, one of whom was a minor, who reside in Estonia and were part of a Russian speaking minority. They were arrested in April 2007 whilst in the vicinity of violent, mass demonstrations against the relocation of a monument commemorating the entry of the Soviet Red Army into Tallinn during the Second World War. The demonstrations, involving up to 8000 people, took place over 4 days in late April and degenerated into riots and clashes with the police during which, according to official sources, 1,160 people were arrested. The applicants alleged that they were unlawfully arrested and detained overnight during which the first, fourth, fifth and seventh applicants were subjected to ill treatment at the hands of the police, with injuries including abrasions, haematomas and a fractured forearm. The fourth and seventh applicants were convicted of public order offences and no proceedings were taken against the other applicants.

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