Case No. 32501/11
Judgment date: 22 January 2013

The applicant was the father of Tamerlane Suleymanov, and lived in Grozny, Chechnya. At around 11.30 am on 9 May 2011, a group of eight armed men in black uniforms arrived in two civilian cars at the son’s place of work. On identifying Tamerlan, the armed men beat him with rifle butts until he was unconscious, before driving him away. The incident took place 20 metres from a police station, and in front of several witnesses, including, according to the applicant, policemen who failed to intervene. The applicant complained to the authorities that the perpetrators were the same State officials who had ill-treated his son two days before, and that he had information that his son was being held by the authorities in the village of Yalkhoy-Mokhk. He added that his son had been subject to ill-treatment in detention on several occasions prior to his abduction. The applicant had received no reliable news of his son. He complained to the ECtHR under Articles 3, 5 and 13 that Tamerlan had been ill-treated and unlawfully detained by law-enforcement officers, and that the authorities had failed to effectively investigate the matter. The applicant had also made a Rule 39 request for Interim Measures that was granted by the ECtHR, requiring full access by investigators to the Kurchaloy ROVD and for all measures to be taken in order to establish whether Tamerlan was being detained there. The steps taken by the Russian Government established that Tamerlan was not being held at the Korchaloy ROVD.

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