Case No. 39583/05
Judgment Date: 24 April 2014

The applicants were the parents of Mikhail Perevedentsevy, who, in May 2003, was conscripted to complete his mandatory military service for two years in the Nizhniy Novgorod Region. During his time there Mikhail complained of bullying, sleep deprivation, and physical abuse by his fellow recruits. His experience was evidence of the “dedovschina” system in which more senior officers subject new recruits to various forms of abuse. In February 2004, Mikhail was found dead with a noose around his neck. A post-mortem report revealed he had ‘psychological peculiarities’ which may have influenced his suicide. The investigation conducted by the Russian authorities was discontinued claiming there was no evidence that a crime had been committed. The applicants claimed Mikhail’s death, and the absence of an effective and prompt investigation, was in violation of Articles 2 (the right to life) and 13 (the right to an effective investigation) of the ECHR.

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