Case No. 36367/09
Judgment date: 23 April 2015

The applicant, Ziyavdi Kagirov, lives in Zakan Kurt, in the Chechen Republic. In 2004 the applicant’s brother, Rustam Kagirov, was allegedly apprehended and tortured by State agents, who demanded that he confess to involvement in an illegal armed group. On 17 May 2009, Rustam Kagirov was abducted in plain sight by three armed men in black uniforms, who coerced him into a black car. He has not been seen since. The applicant witnessed the abduction, and argued that the perpetrators were State agents. He noted that, for example, the car in which his brother was taken away passed through police checkpoints unhindered, and the officers at the checkpoint had refused to identify the people who were in the car or take any action when the applicant told them that the car was carrying his brother who had just been abducted. The investigation into the disappearance of the applicant’s brother was suspended numerous times and at the time of the Court’s judgment remained pending (having been opened in June 2009). Ziyavdi Kagirov was represented by EHRAC and Memorial Human Rights Centre.

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