Case No. 74568/12
Judgment date: 5 January 2016

Mr Frumkin, the applicant, was arrested by the police during the dispersal of the 6 May 2012 Bolotnaya Square demonstration against alleged abuses and falsifications during the November 2011 parliamentary and March 2012 presidential elections. His detention in police custody lasted at least 36 hours, following which, on 8 May 2012, he was found guilty of an administrative offence of disobeying lawful police orders and sentenced to 15 days’ administrative detention. His appeal was dismissed by a district court, which upheld the first-instance court judgment. Although a notification of the demonstration had been duly accepted by the relevant Moscow authorities prior to the event and issues of security, including the route of the march, had been confirmed with the organisers, the area allotted to the demonstration was altered without appropriate notice and the police ordered an early termination of the event. Subsequently, the police dispersed the rally participants until the area was fully cleared.

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