Case No. 18114/06
Judgment Date: 3 July 2014

The applicant is of Chechen origin and was living in the Chastoozerskiy district of the Kurgan Region, where the applicants submitted there were increasingly negative attitudes towards the Chechen minority following the start of the second Chechen war. Prior to 18 May 2002, there had been a dispute between private individuals involving Chechens. The applicants claimed that residents of the district invited the local Chechen community to ‘settle the dispute’ on 18 May 2002. On the same date, the applicant’s car was stopped and inspected at a police road block established by the police. Later, three cars containing 15 men passed by the same police officers and went to the house where the applicant was. When the applicant and his friend refused to get into the men’s cars, the applicant was shot in both knees with an airgun, his arm broken with a baseball bat, and he was left on the road. His friend was taken to another location and beaten by a crowd of 70 men who were shouting anti-Chechen insults. The police intervened and set the applicant’s friend free.

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