Case No. 41437/10
Judgment date: 22 September 2015

The applicants are the mother and the wife of Mr Abdurakhmanov. On 25 June 2010 a group of officers from the Sovetskiy district department of the interior arrived at the first applicant’s house in Makhachkala, Dagestan, with an arrest warrant for Mr Abdurakhmanov, according to which he was suspected, amongst other things, of involvement in terrorist activities. One hour later a group of men (one of whom identified himself as a police officer) abducted Mr Abdurakhmanov from outside the house of a relative whom he was visiting with his wife in Kaspiysk. In broad daylight and in the presence of a number of witnesses, including neighbours and the applicants’ relatives, the abductors fired shots at Mr Abdurakhmanov’s feet and dragged him into a car. The police arrived at the scene shortly afterwards and removed the cartridges left by the abductors. Mr Abdurakhmanov has not been seen since and is presumed to be dead. After numerous requests by the applicants, an investigation into Mr Abdurakhmanov’s abduction was opened on 28 July 2010 and suspended on 28 September 2010. As at the date of the Court’s judgment, the investigation was pending. The first applicant’s request for an investigation into the actions of the officers who had presented her with the arrest warrant was rejected. The applicants were represented before the European Court by EHRAC and Memorial Human Rights Centre, Moscow.

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