EHRAC is inviting applications for a bursary to attend training for human rights defenders

29 July 2016

EHRAC is offering a bursary to cover the costs for one human rights defender from Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia or Ukraine to attend the ‘39th Training Course for Defenders from the Regions’ run by Geneva for Human Rights which takes place on 12-23 September 2016. The course will focus on the UN Human Rights Council, international human rights and humanitarian law, international procedures and diplomacy.

Please read all the information in the Application Pack very carefully before applying for the Bursary and the Course.

The bursary will cover the cost of: the course’s tuition fees; transport to and from Geneva; a visa (if required); accommodation in Geneva from 11-24 September; and per diems to cover subsistence costs.

Download the application pack

In the Application Pack, you will find:

  • Information about the EHRAC Bursary
  • An application form for the EHRAC Bursary
  • Information about the Training Course for Defenders from the Region (organised by Geneva for Human Rights)
  • An application form for the Training Course (to be sent to Geneva for Human Rights)

If you would like to apply for EHRAC to fund your place on the Training Course, then please fill out the form ‘EHRAC Bursary Application’ in the application pack and return to by midnight on 14 August 2016. Please note that this application form is separate from the Geneva for Human Rights’ application form, which must be submitted as stipulated in the application pack (‘Geneva for Human Rights Course Information’). EHRAC will contact one candidate with a conditional offer of a bursary. However, the bursary will only be awarded on the basis that the candidate has been accepted onto the Training Course by Geneva for Human Rights.

Download the application pack