Mentoring human rights lawyers

Through our peer-to-peer mentoring we pair partner lawyers with members of our expert legal team. Together we select strategic cases for joint litigation. Our partners retain ownership of their case and litigate the case domestically. EHRAC’s legal team provides advice on strategy, argumentation, procedure, and evidence for international litigation

We nurture long-term relationships with these lawyers to  develop their litigation skills and knowledge through practical joint case work. Whether this is the first case a partner litigates internationally or a novel and complex issue litigated by an experienced human rights lawyer, EHRAC can provide expert advice.

To find out more about our legal resources visit our library.

Example of Legal Clinics

Legal clinics and round tables

Legal clinics are in-depth case discussions with partner lawyers and focus on problem-solving a complex legal or evidential issue or developing a strategy on a complex or high-profile case they are working on.

At our round tables lawyers from our target region can share experience on novel legal issues such as the use of open source investigations in international litigation or litigating self-defence in cases of domestic violence.

Legal Skills Development Programme

EHRAC’s Legal Skills Development Programme (LSDP) takes place annually in Strasbourg, the home of the Council of Europe and European Court of Human Rights. Every year we invite a group of partner lawyers to attend a Court hearing and participate in meetings with Court judges, lawyers and other officials.