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EHRAC Winter Bulletin

We have had another busy and productive few months! We have won 5 cases on behalf of 7 applicants concerning: a Georgian politician’s unfair trial, an alleged suicide in the Russian armed forces, the torture of detainees in Russia’s prison system, and enforced disappearances in Russia’s North Caucasus. In addition, we lodged 4 new applications to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), including: a forced citizenship case in Crimea, a case in which an […]

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Disbarred, suspended or criminally prosecuted: Azerbaijani human rights lawyers

3.2.20: EHRAC compiled a list of Azerbaijani Human Rights lawyers who have been sanctioned, based on reports and information from partners.

Case Summary

Pastörs v Germany

30.1.20: A criminal conviction for Holocaust denial in a parliamentary speech was not in breach of freedom of expression.

Case Summary

J.D. and A v UK

14.1.20: European Court rules that UK's bedroom tax breached the rights of two applicants.

Case Summary

Polyakh and others v Ukraine

13.1.20: Five career civil servants dismissed under Ukraine's Government Cleansing (Lustration) Act 2014 had their right to private and family life breached.

Case Summary

Magnitsky & others v Russia

4.11.19: Russia was responsible for the 2009 death of jailed whistle-blower Sergei Magnitsky, whose case inspired new laws introducing sanctions mechanisms in the US, UK, Canada, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.


Interview with Tamar Oniani, GYLA Strategic Litigation Lawyer and Legal Skills Development Programme 2019 Participant

22.10.19: EHRAC spoke to one of the 2019 Legal Skills Development Programme participants , GYLA Strategic Litigation Lawyer Tamar Oniani, about her experience in Strasbourg.

EHRAC Bulletin

EHRAC Autumn Bulletin 2019

15.10.19: It’s been a busy summer! We won 4 cases on behalf of 13 applicants...

Case Summary

Mihalache v Romania [GC]

2.10.19: A man who was administratively fined and then criminally convicted and sentenced for refusing to undergo a blood test following a positive breathalyser test was tried twice for the same offence.

Case Summary

Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company Ltd & Others v Georgia

2.10.19: No judge bias or other breach of fair trial guarantees were found in a shareholder dispute over the ownership of the Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company.

Case Summary

T.I. & others v Greece

2.10.19: Greece failed in its obligations to prevent, prosecute and investigate human trafficking of three Russian nationals who alleged that consulate employees were bribed by traffickers in order to facilitate their entry into Greece.

Case Summary

Volodina v Russia

2.10.19: Failure to protect from, prevent, deter, censure or investigate serious and prolonged domestic violence amounted to degrading treatment, contributed to a “climate conducive to domestic violence” and was discriminatory on the basis of gender.

Case Summary

Aliyev v Armenia, Hakobyan v Azerbaijan et al.

2.10.19: Four cases brought by four separate families whose homes were shelled by the armed forces of Armenia and Azerbaijan during the hostilities of April 2016 have been communicated to the ECtHR.