EHRAC Bulletin

EHRAC Bulletin Winter 2017

We reflect on measures taken by states in the name of security, which, as our authors argue, breach international human rights. We also consider issues of discrimination and the weakening of the rule of law.

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The European Court and ‘secret’ state documents

9.4.18: On 9 April, EHRAC submitted a response to the consultation by the European Court of Human Rights’ Standing Committee on the Rules of the Court on the Treatment of Classified Documents.

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Explainer: Council of Europe Infringement Proceedings against Azerbaijan

26.2.18: EHRAC Legal Consultant Ramute Remezaite and Intern Jack Dahlsen explain what infringement proceedings are, and why it is significant that they have been initiated against Azerbaijan.


The CEDAW Committee’s General Recommendation 35

1.12.17: Gema Fernández analyses General Recommendation 35 from the UN CEDAW Committee, and analyses its vision for a world free from gender-based violence.


The first report of the Independent Expert on SOGI

1.12.17: Victoria Kerr (former EHRAC intern) summarises the first report of the UN’s Independent Expert on SOGI, and some of his key concerns.


Enforced citizenship and human rights in Crimea

1.12.17: Following the Russian ’s occupation of the Crimea, the authorities have naturalised Crimeans en masse to entrench themselves in the occupied territory.


Rule of Law Backsliding in the EU

1.12.17: Professor Laurent Pech examines how ‘capturing the courts’ is a key component of backsliding of the rule of law, which could lead to authoritarian rule.


Russia dials up phone surveillance, overshadowing improvements in the region

1.12.17: In the Soviet era, wiretapping extended State's watchful gaze into the private lives of many. Despite reform surveillance remains commonplace in the region.


Fair trial rights without the trials?

1.12.17: Rebecca Shaeffer details plea bargaining systems in Russia, Ukraine and the South Caucasus, and the problems they pose for the guarantee of a fair trial.

Case Summary

Yankovskiy v Russia

25.7.17: Vyacheslav Yankovskiy was detained in April 2010 on suspicion of murder and injuring two people. He was certified as disabled in 2008.

Case Summary

Carvalho Pinto de Sousa Morais v Portugal

25.7.17: The applicant is a Portuguese woman, who in 1995 underwent surgery at the Central Lisbon Hospital for a gynaecological disease causing her pain.

Case Summary

Jugheli and others v Georgia

13.7.17: The three applicants lived in Tbilisi in close proximity to a thermal power plant. Experts found that it had not been repaired between 1986 and 1996.

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Human rights violations by the Russian security forces in the North Caucasus

12.7.17: The Court has found Russian State agents responsible for indiscriminate bombing, extra-judicial killings, enforced disappearances and abductions in the North Caucasus in over 250 cases.