Seeking experienced Georgian translators

Closing date: 10 Dec 2017

When the European Court of Human Rights delivered judgments on the first six Chechen cases against Russia in February 2005, the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre (EHRAC), which handled the cases, had a long list of individuals to thank, in particular the many volunteer translators who contributed a great deal towards achieving justice for the applicants.

‘Human rights’ is an area of international law that EHRAC and many others consider to be of great importance for the common good of people around the world. Translating legal documents relating to human rights violations not only offers the chance to use your foreign language skills, but is also rewarding on a personal level, for you will be helping to bring justice to the world. The documents you translate will be used for research for specific cases, and could even be sent to the European Court of Human Rights to support our submissions.

Bringing justice to the world through the translated word

In 2006 EHRAC extended support to NGOs and lawyers in Georgia to take cases alleging human rights violations occurring as a result of hostilities with Russia and, after 2008, the armed conflict around South Ossetia’s borders. The majority of our work to date has been carried out in collaboration with the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA). As the number of cases increases, we are seeking Georgian translators to support our work. Your translation skills would be crucial in working towards the improvement of human rights standards and legal practice in Georgia.

We are looking for experienced volunteer translators for the translation of case documents. You may be based in Georgia, the UK, or elsewhere, and should have the relevant skills to undertake translations of this calibre, which may include legal, military and medical documents. You will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement, and to respect the inherent sensitivities of accessing certain case materials. Translations should be to a high standard, as they will be used for litigation before the European Court of Human Rights.

If you are interested in being included on our roster of volunteer translators for Georgian, please send us your CV and a short covering email detailing your experience and motivations to Oksana Popova at: