Case No. 68216/01
Judgment date: 9 October 2008

The three applicants are Russian nationals and residents of the Chechen Republic. In 2000 the first applicant’s brother disappeared and was later found dead in the forest near his village of Akhkinchu-Barzoy, thought to be as the result of an explosion. While searching for him, the second applicant’s brother was badly injured and died as a result of a landmine explosion. The third applicant’s son was badly injured and lost his leg in similar circumstances. The first applicant alleged that his brother had been intentionally killed by federal servicemen; the other applicants claimed that their relatives died or were wounded as a result of mines placed in the forest by federal servicemen. All the applicants claimed that no adequate investigation had followed the deaths or injury of their relatives. They complained of violations of Arts. 2 (right to life) and 13 (effective remedy) of the ECHR.

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