Case No. 13255/07
Judgment Date: 3 July 2014

In 2007 Georgia filed a case in the ECtHR in relation to the mass arrest, detention and collective expulsion of Georgian nationals from Russia in the autumn of 2006. This occurred during a period of heightened tension between the two countries, following the arrests of four Russian officers in Tbilisi in September 2006. While Russia claimed that it was simply continuing to apply its statutory provisions for the prevention of illegal immigration, multiple witnesses testified that Georgian nationals had been specifically targeted, arrested, and detained in police custody. Their cases were then heard by the Russian courts, which ordered their administrative expulsion from Russian territory. The witnesses stated that the procedure before the courts had taken around five minutes, without any real examination of the facts, and in the absence of legal representation.

Following the hearings, they were held for a further period (ranging from two days to two weeks) in immigration detention centres. They were kept in overcrowded cells, making it necessary to take turns sleeping, and using a bucket as a toilet. Eventually they were flown back to Georgia.

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