Case No. 25091/07

Judgment date: 26/04/11

In the early morning of 28 January 2006 the applicants’ only son, Sandro Girgvliani, was abducted and beaten to death by senior officers from the Ministry of Interior. Shortly before the abduction Mr Girgvliani and a male friend had visited a café patronised by State officials. Mr Girgvliani was involved in a tense discussion with a female friend who had been sitting with the officials. After leaving the café, Mr Girgvliani and his friend were forced into an unknown car. They were taken outside the city and severely beaten. Mr Girgvliani died as a result of stab wounds to the neck, but his friend survived. Criminal proceedings were instituted and the four officials were charged and convicted of premeditated false imprisonment with life-threatening violence and wilful bodily harm resulting in death. Their sentences of eight and seven years respectively were halved following a presidential pardon in November 2008, and in September 2009 they were released on parole.

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