Volkov v Ukraine to be discussed at Committee of Ministers’ meeting in Strasbourg

19 November 2013

At the Committee of Ministers’ meeting today in Strasbourg, EHRAC Senior Lawyer Jessica Gavron will highlight our case Volkov v Ukraine – in which the European Court ordered Ukraine to immediately reinstate a Supreme Court judge who had been unfairly dismissed from his post. Mr Volkov, who will also attend the meeting, has yet to be reinstated to his position. On Friday 15 November, EHRAC submitted a letter to the Department for the Execution of Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, which calls for ‘infringement proceedings’ to be brought against Ukraine for not implementing this important judgment.

“The application of infringement proceedings is entirely appropriate because the individual measure in question (reinstatement) is very clear and specific. Nor does it represent any bureaucratic or financial burden on the (Ukrainian) State.” Read the full submission online here.

In Ukraine, Aleksandr Lavrinovich, former Ukrainian Justice Minister and current chair of the High Council of Justice, defended Ukraine’s position saying: “I do not know of any country that can support a mechanism restoring people to their position.” He also stated that it is not only Ukraine that has difficulty understanding how to implement judgments by the European Court. Read the full article online here.