Press & Media

If you are a journalist with a media enquiry or would like to speak to a member of our team please contact:

Sabrina Vashisht (PR & Development Officer)
0208 411 4469

We can provide:

  • Expert commentary on human rights issues in the former Soviet Union
  • Commentary on the European Court of Human Rights
  • Case summaries
  • Photos of and quotes from applicants

We issue press releases with important news or developments in our cases.
Visit the resource pages for more detailed information on our cases and work.


The European Human Rights Advocacy Centre (EHRAC) has been working for the protection of human rights in the former Soviet Union since 2003 and has taken over 300 cases, mainly against Russia, to the European Court of Human Rights, working in partnership with lawyers on the ground. This has led to judgments in over 140 cases including the first six judgments ever to be secured against Russia for gross violations in Chechnya. 96% of these cases have found at least one violation of the European Convention on Human Rights, and more than €6,500,000 have been awarded to the applicants.