Interns support EHRAC’s work in every single way, whether it’s translation, administrative support or research. You can find out more about what being an intern entails here. Opportunities for an internship with EHRAC will be listed under Current Vacancies.

We would like to thank all the interns who have spent time in our offices since 2003.

Victoria Sarant, Legal Intern

Victoria joined EHRAC as a legal intern to learn more about the prosecution of human rights violations.  She holds an MA in Medieval History from the University of St Andrews. She is currently a Juris Doctor Candidate at Case Western University School of Law specialising in International Law and an LLM student in European Law at Middlesex University. She has researched for two International Courts on legal  questions relating to the prosecution of war criminals. Her current research interest is in the development and application of human rights law and war crimes prosecution generally. She is studying for the New York Bar Exam and currently learning French, German, and Dutch.

Kristine Dinha, Translation intern

Kristine has been a translation intern at EHRAC since October 2016. She is a final year BA Interpreting and Translation student at Middlesex University, specialising in Russian and English, and has previous experience in working pupils in a primary school learning English as an additional language. During this time, she was inspired to help those who can’t speak for themselves, and so decided to go to University and pursue a career in translation. Kristine has also done translations for a children’s charity, and is currently working towards becoming a professional translator.

Aigerim Kamidola, Legal intern

Aigerim joined EHRAC as a legal intern, and holds Bachelor’s and LLM degrees in International Law from the University of Edinburgh. She has three years’ experience as an in-house lawyer and a year’s practice in legal consultancy in Kazakhstan, as well as volunteering experience in social projects in Turkey, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and the migration unit at the Swedish Red Cross. Her current research interest is focused on the human rights discourse and policy analysis in the post-Soviet context. Native in Kazakh and Russian, Aigerim is currently learning French.

Imogen Cable, NGO Management Skills Intern

Imogen Cable is a final year student studying BA Russian at Queen Mary, University of London. When she finishes in September, she intends to study a Master’s degree in Russian Politics. She would like to become a diplomat or an interpreter for the police, courts and immigration services. She has won two awards from her university and intends to use her Russian language skills and interest in politics to be able to make an impact in the world, especially with regards to the human rights situation in Russia and the former Soviet Union, which in recent times has received more and more international attention.

Kia Kyhl, Legal intern

Kia joined EHRAC as a legal intern in the beginning of 2017. She holds a MA in Human Rights from UCL and studied a BA in Human Rights at Malmö University in Sweden. She has previously worked for the Danish Family Planning Association and at the Danish non-profit watchdog DanWatch, where she published several reports on corporate social responsibility and human rights. Her previous research has been focused on international criminal law, particularly sexual violence crimes prosecuted at the International Criminal Court and the interaction between international law and national refugee and asylum legislation in Europe.

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