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All open positions within EHRAC will be advertised under current vacancies.


I spent ten amazing months with the EHRAC team and it was one of the best experiences I ever had. As a legal intern I was involved in ongoing cases before the European Court of Human Rights, as well as doing a lot of research on a wide range of human rights issues. The EHRAC team also organises many interesting events where there’s an opportunity for meeting high-calibre experts and learn about new trends in the area. It was both honour and pleasure to work alongside Professor Philip Leach and team of enthusiastic professionals at EHRAC. This is an exceptional working environment where you feel part of the team and find amazing friends. This opportunity will boost your expertise and will be a valuable asset on your resume.

Olga Grygorovska, Legal Intern, 2015-16

Interns make a huge contribution to our work, in areas such as translation, administration and supporting the legal team, depending on their particular skills. In return they gain relevant and applicable work-experience. Internship placements become available throughout the year and are advertised under current vacancies. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be notified of when internships become available. Placements include:

  • IMG-20140606-WA0000NGO skills internship – a four month placement for two days a week. It will introduce interns to how an NGO operates and combines daily tasks such as processing invoices, booking meeting rooms and taking minutes with specific research or analysis projects, according to the interns’ skills and experience. We are not currently recruiting for this position.
  • NGO skills internship for Russian speakers – same as above, but the intern will also carry out language-specific tasks such as translating correspondence and monitoring the Russian language press. We are not currently recruiting for this position.
  • Legal internships – this programme is for applicants with a post-graduate Law degree or equivalent (including study of international human rights).  We are not currently recruiting for this position.
  • We occasionally take students, mainly from Middlesex University, on work experience and module based placements. Please get in touch with us if you are a Middlesex student and interested in our work.
  • Oak Foundation Human Rights Internship Programme – interns are recruited by EHRAC and placed at the Oak Foundation, where they have the chance to learn about international human rights in practice from within a global organisation. We are not currently recruiting for this position. 

I think quite frequently about EHRAC and all the team. I try to follow what you do on the website and Twitter, and I have to say that I am both impressed and extremely proud of having been part of it at one stage. Keep doing what you do because you are the reason why people should believe in humanity.

Caroline Njoya, Research intern, 2015

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Read FAQs about internships at EHRAC.

Volunteer translators

Currently we are looking for volunteer Ukrainian and Georgian translators.

“My internship at EHRAC has really challenged me and given me an insight into the world of a professional translator. It was a valuable experience where I got to apply what I learnt at university whilst also learning new skills. EHRAC has helped me to choose the next direction in my career”.

Kristine Dinha, Translation Intern, 2016-17

Russian/Ukrainian/Georgian/Azerbaijani/Armenian to English and vice versa

  • Due to budget constraints, EHRAC is very much in need of linguists to assist with the translation of case documents from Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Armenian or Azerbaijani into English. At this time, we are in particular need of Ukrainian and Georgian volunteer translators.
  • The translation of case documents allows EHRAC’s expert legal team to use their experience of successfully representing applicants in Strasbourg to assist in our casework.
  • Translation volunteers are provided with a glossary of legal terms in order to assist them with translations, and normally work from home.
  • We may occasionally ask volunteers to assist with the translation of training materials, website articles and other general material and correspondence from English into Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Armenian or Azerbaijani.
  • Please note that we cannot offer remuneration for volunteer translation services.

Applications for voluntary translators are accepted throughout the year. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please send your CV and a covering letter explaining your interest in working with EHRAC, your language skills and translation experience and detailing your availability, to Sophie Rust.

Any translation work requires the translator to look beyond the actual extract of text into a wider context, which needs to be researched and understood. With EHRAC this is even more so, but this hard work is rewarded by gaining solid experience of translating in the area of human rights law, which can serve as a good foundation for further work in this field and, of course, the gratification of working to assist victims of human rights violations.

Read FAQs about translating for EHRAC.