Human rights litigation

In collaboration with our partner organisations, we are currently working on over 300 cases at the European Court of Human Rights against Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Our cases concern a range of alleged violations, from extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances, to ethnic discrimination, arbitrary arrests and detention, and restrictions on the rights to freedom of expression and association. We seek to take on cases which reflect systemic problems, or legislative gaps, to ensure that our work is strategic and has a wide impact.

The passing down of a judgment by the European Court is not the end of the process for us. As a result of some judgments, states may be required to makeEuropean Court of Human Rights changes to domestic laws, or carry out effective investigations into particular incidents. Pressing for effective implementation can help to bring about long-term positive change in the countries we work in, and ensures that judgments have a wider impact on society.

We actively engage in European Court reform processes. Changes to the way the Court functions have a direct impact on the people we represent, and their ability to seek justice. Our advocacy work often involves us collaborating with other UK-based and international non-governmental organisations and lawyers.